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Importance of Proper Form When Working Out

Importance of Proper Form When Working OutThis post is especially meant for those of you who work out in crowded gyms. The importance of proper form when working out is the one thing that all trainers are supposed to focus on but, unfortunately is the one thing they tend to be very lackadaisical about because the instructor to person ratio is so high. The role of the instructor does not end after he takes your measurements and draws up your workout. He is supposed to make sure that you do the exercise with proper form every time. Because proper form when working out is the difference between success and failure of a workout program.

The Importance of Proper Form When Working Out

  1. Actually work out the correct muscles: Every exercise is designed to target and strengthen certain muscles. Isolation exercises target one muscle and compound exercises target a muscle group. If you don’t have proper form when working out then you won’t target the appropriate muscle and your workout will be worth nothing more than flapping your arms.
  2. Avoid injuries: Most people assume that workout injuries are a result of lifting more than you are able to. You’d be surprised to know that some of the most common workout injuries are due to improper form.
  3. Avoid straining other muscles: This points falls in-between the previous two points. When you have the wrong form when working out, you body compensates by straining other muscles in order to help you complete the exercise. This unnecessary strain on the wrong muscles, needless to say, could cause injury.
  4. Breathe correctly: Every exercise requires you to inhale and exhale at certain times. This won’t happen smoothly unless your form and motion is correct. Improper breathing when working out is another common cause of injury when working out.


  1. Never start a workout program cold, always warm up
  2. Know what your workout program goals are by setting the right targets.
  3. Always stretch after a workout.

If you have been working out for sometime and are not seeing the right results, it’s not the machines fault. Chances are you haven’t focused too much on proper form when working out. So the next time you’re at the gym and your trainer is slacking off, insist that he checks your form from time to time (at the minimum) to ensure that you do the exercise correctly and get all the benefits of your workout program.

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