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Does Beer Give You a Beer Belly: No

Beer does not give you a beer belly. That is a bold statement to make, we know. But today we’re supporting it with some thoughts and yes, even a study. It’s true that binge drinking or binge eating of any kind does lead to weight troubles and lifestyle diseases. But to answer the eternal question of does beer give you a beer belly, the short answer is no. For the long answer read on.

Beer isn’t just about the calories. A pint of regular beer contains approximately 200-300 calories. A light beer contains approximately 100 -150 calories. So you could budget it into your daily calorie intake and enjoy a pint or two or three. But, dramatic health portals have already told you that Alcohol Has Empty Calories! This simply means that for the same calorie count from a nutritious food or beverage, you would also get important nutrients that go a long way in better health management.

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While a few studies have attempted to talk about beer’s health benefits – high fiber content being one of them – chugging beer to make up your day’s calorie budget is just foolish.

A second point to consider is the high levels of sugar in beer. Yes, this spikes your blood sugar levels, and take a wild shot at what spiked blood sugar levels do?

They Make You Hungry.

So Does Exercise.

(That was a cheap shot at trying to let beer win this round)

But let’s get back to what beer’s sugar levels do to your appetite. Once you are past that third beer, and you start feeling peckish, you tend to go for the first bite you get. And we don’t know any clubs that serve low-fat salads and cucumber carrot munchies. So you head for the fries, sodium-high packaged snacks, and peanuts. All fatty. All bad. And there’s that beer belly.

Here’s a study that the BBC reported in 2009 about Why the Beer Belly May Be a Myth.
Here’s what WebMD has to say about the same study.
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And here’s an interesting post by 3FatChicks about Beer Belly Myths

We are not suggesting that beer is good for you, or that you can chug that six pack without feeling the repercussions on the weighing scale. What we are saying is this – beer is like any other food or drink. If it spikes your blood sugar levels, you will eat more and most of it will be unhealthy. If you drink too much of it, you will put on weight. But does the beer alone go straight to your gut, giving you that horrid beer belly? We’re not convinced about that.

Make it real – list 10 friends and ask yourself which ones drink beer and which ones have beer bellies.  The bottom-line remains that if you don’t eat right, and if you don’t exercise, beer or not – you will get a ‘beer’ belly.

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