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5 Healthy Snacks to Keep You Full Longer

Those of you who are trying to lose weight should alreadhealthy snacks to keep you full longery be familiar with the concept of eating minimeals to stay fit. In fact, if you are trying to live a fit and healthy lifestyle then you too should consider the minimeals formula to ensure that you stay full and never feel stuffed or bloated. One important ingredient in the minimeal program is healthy snacks to keep you full longer. Its a simple calculation, small amounts that keep you full longer is more bang for your buck. With these 5 healthy snacks to keep you full longer, you won’t ever look at your watch wondering how long to the next meal or even feel the temptation for just one chip…

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Take your pick:  Grapefruit, papaya, sweet lime – all rich in Vitamin C and less than 100 calories per serving. The high water content of apples is the reason why you feel full longer and reason enough then to make it part of your minimeal program.

No – sitting with a big tub of caramel-salted popcorn while watching the latest Hollywood blockbuster does not count as a minimeal. By itself, popcorn is high in fibre and low on calories making it a perfect healthy snack to keep you full longer.

Almonds and Walnuts
The magic number is 7 each. These don’t need to be refrigerated, they don’t need to be washed, and they don’t need to be cut – making them the perfect healthy snack on-the-go.

Yes they are high in calories so don’t eat as many of them – plain and unsalted mind you. Believe it or ‘nut’, there is a theory that says if it takes longer to chew, it actually feel full longer. And forget the myths, peanut butter can be part of your healthy snacks program too

Low-Fat Yoghurt
There are enough studies to highlight how yoghurt helps those trying to lose weight. And even if you’re not, yoghurt makes for an excellent low-calorie and calcium-rich healthy snack. Straight after lunch also helps the digestive process.

Remember: You have to switch completely to the minimeal program before you start on these healthy snacks to keep you full longer. If you still believe the “breakfast like a king” maxim then you can’t be on the minimeal program because you’re eating enough to sustain you till lunch. So if you’re making the switch, be committed… remember, if a good salary hike is so hard to come by despite the effort you put in, why should anything else be easy!

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