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30ml Brandy = Good Health

A distillate of wine, brandy with all its health benefits might just be the great unsung hero in each bar’s line up. While many of us know at least one person who nurses a warm glass of brandy on cold evenings, brandy is also a low-carb dieter’s dream come true. Most unflavoured distillates like brandy, whisky, and cognac are great spirits to occasionally indulge in if you are trying to maintain your current weight. Here’s looking at why one shot of brandy a day is a great idea.

Stock up on brandy for health…
A few years ago, Armagnac brandy made in the south west of France was found to have several health benefits – warding off heart diseases being one of them. But what about those of us who can’t drink Armagnac brandy everyday? Back in 2005 Dr Gordon Troup from the School of Physics, Monash University, found that any brandy when consumed in moderation has supplementary medicinal health benefits – and the better quality the brandy the greater the benefit. (Medical News Today)

What ‘supplementary medicinal health benefits’ does brandy have?
Dr Troup’s study suggests that a shot of brandy (30ml) gives a person a day’s recommended dosage of vitamin C. In fact this antioxidant potential in brandy even helps fight free radicals, keeping mild infections at bay. We owe this brandy health benefit to the copper used in distillers, phenols used from the oak in the ageing process, and manganese content in the grapes that kick start the production in the first place.

Some people believe that a mix of brandy and soda is an immense comfort drink, although if you’ve bought some really good brandy that might sound blasphemous. Also, keep in mind that a single pour’s worth in a brandy snifter is more than 30ml, so make sure to insist on a 30ml pour when drinking socially. It would be great if brandy’s health benefits doubled and tripled with each additional pour, but Santa’s the only guy who can get away with it (or not). So make sure you don’t forget the bit about moderation mentioned above while enjoying the low-carb, high antioxidant Vitamin C health benefits of your snifter full of brandy. The really good news in most of these brandy studies by Dr Troup and others is that whiskey has similar health benefits, and has none of the sugar issues that red wine has for some. More on that later, meanwhile raise your glass to a healthy dose of brandy. Cheers!

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